About Veronica

Successful entrepreneur, business owner, & author

As well as a successful entrepreneur who owns multiple successful companies . She is also an author as well as an international business and self-development coach teaching others how to create “clarity” in their personal and professional lives to achieve success without confusion.

Her success as well as the success of those she inspires has led her to become a highly sought after international speaker allowing her to make an impact on so many lives of those who are and those who want to be successful entrepreneurs or professionals .


Veronica is a firm believer that everyone is capable of success

Veronica states “Confusion can be fabricated, taught to us by others, created by our environment or simply a defense mechanism that leads to excuses.” “Until you find out what is causing your confusion, you will never have the clarity it takes to be successful in any aspect of your life.”

From humble beginnings, Veronica has learned how to create success in relationships and in business however she will tell you that speaking to others and coaching them on how she went from confusion to creating a crystal clear vision in both her personal and professional life is by far her greatest passion and achievement.

Her inspiring story:

Through my own experience, let me tell you how in just 91 days I learned how to succeed.

I immigrated from my country, Venezuela, 16 years ago. The truth is I always had a free and adventurous spirit; I remember myself as being a rebel with a cause and at 24 years old I went to the Canary Islands. My life completely changed, and although it was not easy to sustain myself and live without my parents and family around I got used to it and began to grow and thrive in a new environment with new friends. I lived in the Canary Islands for over 10 years. I fulfilled myself as a professional, I married and experienced the greatest love someone can ever feel, and became a mother. Then, my husband and I decided to move to Belgium for the good of our new daughter, and so we would be closer to his family.

When I think back, that was one of the hardest changes I have experienced in my life: the different climate, the new culture, the foreign language.

I realized I wasn’t so strong as I thought; I spent most of the time very sad, depressed and I found myself very lonely. I started to study the language at the University of Antwerp and to work as a volunteer in a geriatric, besides teaching Zumba - dancing is one of my passions. Somehow I had to fight that sadness of feeling that I had nothing in my hands. It will sound selfish but all I had built was gone and had slipped through my fingers. Until one day somebody told me about the advantages of working online. I remember well the first time Joselyn Quintero and I had that conversation.

Knowing her has opened me a range of possibilities. That was how I started my path, totally dedicated to unlearn and learn again. I dove further into this fascinating world and managed to discover me again, reconfirm that what I love most in this life is sharing with people and encouraging them to give their best to receive the world’s greatest things that surround us.

I have gone through many ups and downs that made me realize that we have all many virtues that we can use to our advantages, whether we are new entrepreneurs or seasoned ones.

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