Organize yourself and achieve your goals

Do you struggle to organize yourself?

I am pretty sure that you are more than interested in achieving your goals. You have dreams that you want to accomplish. You know where do you want to go and how you can go there.

However, you can hardly achieve anything. This brings you a feeling of frustration and makes you want to abandon everything. Do you identify with this feeling? Me too... I was once there .

It does not matter if you have goals and you know what do you need to do. If you cannot keep up with some basic organization skills you won´t be able to achieve anything.

That is why I want to share with you some tips to organize yourself. Are you ready? Let´s go!

Three zones you need to organize yourself

There are three main categories that we need to take into consideration. We will go into some tips into each area so you can learn how you can set yourself on an amazing path of productivity.

How do you spend your time?

We usually embark into doing several tasks at once. But let me break some news to you: Human are poor multitaskers . Besides that, we tend to lose lots of time into useless activities. This renders our multitask efforts useless. Plus, every alert that pops-ups from your computer or your cellphone will immediately ask for your attention. Most of the time we give it.

To spend time in a wiser way, let me make you some suggestions:

  • Start the day with time for yourself.

Schedule your time. Go through all things that need your attention and delete the rest. If you need to delegate something do it. Do not focused on useless tasks. And that is it. Only dedicate time to this on this scheduled times.

  • Meetings

If you are the kind of people that has to meet a lot. Try to reduce the time you spent on this. You will be amazed on how much time you will recover from this.

  • Schedule breaks

This is important to prevent burnout. If you work for huge amounts of time you will lose focus and become unproductive. There a lot of new techniques to prevent this. But one that has proven wonders for me is the Pomodoro Technique . You can learn more of it here.

How so you set your space?

  • Work in different places

If is possible, work in another place. This will reduce burnout and will make you more creative. Also, it will help you being more productive and will help you organize yourself better

  • Make a stream of all of your sources.

Make a structured flow so all of your notifications can be accessed from one place. Something like the notification bar of your phone. Work to create something like this in your work environment.

  • Limit the interruptions

Switch off the notifications for mail and apps on your cellphone and desktop. This might fall into the time category but it requires space organization and preparation. Shut them off and prepare to be amazed.

How do you organize yourself and your mindset?

How do you focus is something that has a huge impact on your productivity. If you need to organize yourself better you must start changing your mindset right now.

Here are some tips for getiing yourself into the best mindset possible.

  • Chat, instead of sending an email.

If you are near your co-workers you can go and talk to them. This will benefit you in different levels. It will avoid mistakes caused by email while helping you oxygenate your brain while you walk.

If your team works remotely, use chat. The amount of time wasted searching in endless email threads can be reduced with this trick.

  • Divide your problems

If you have huge things to do, use the famous principle divide and conquer. Set smaller tasks. You can use several techniques for this. Pick up the one that suits you best.

  • Use checklists

If you need to do repetitive tasks, use checklists. This will make you commit fewer errors. For this, you can use the Bullet Journal System . It is pretty useful.

So what do you do now?

If you need to organize yourself, these tips will help you. Also if you need to know more, I have developed several ways in which you can set yourself on the right path. Contact me and let´s put you on the road to success.

While you are here, be sure to check this book . Several successful women shared their stories. You can find mine there also.

That is everything for the week. I hope you can find these tips useful and I really wish they can help you organize yourself better.

See you!

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