Rewire your mind for success and be amazed

Your success is not tied to your past. How many times have you dreamed about success? I am pretty sure, you have a lot of skills and abilities. You could use to start powerful empires and live the life you always wanted to live.

But, as soon you start dreaming about a new life, something snaps you back into a so-called "reality". That something is... your current state and your past. Frustration kicks in, and you feel sad that your life will always be the same.

You are not alone. I have felt like that too, but as I struggled, I found that I could change who I was by changing my mind. I had to rewire my mind for success. You can do it too! Want to know how? Let's go!

The power of the mind

For years and years, there has been a secret for enjoying success. It is so simple that many people overlook it. That secret is the way on how you use your mind.

Take for example the Bible, on , there is a precious hidden advice:

"...but be transformed by the renewing of your mind"

You cannot be the person you want to be unless you change the way you use your mind. And that's it. You need to start thinking different about you. You need to rewire your mind.

How do you see yourself?

In you mind, you have an image of you. That image has been formed thanks to all if your past experiences. So if you had a happy and prosperous childhood, your mind will be wired for success and abundance. But, if you experienced hardships without a proper closure, you will face difficulties. And if you do, it will be hard to maintain.

That's why people without proper "mind rewiring" face hardships when they reach success. Take for example most boxers, they come from poor environments. When they achieve success, fame, and wealth, they can handle it. They start living a glamourous life without wisdom. The result is, they burn all their fortune, and their life is again lost.

Your success is not tied to your past

It can be done. You can change who you are by changing how do you see yourself. This concept of self-image is really important. You are not a product of your past experiences. You are what YOU DECIDE TO BE TODAY!

I am pretty sure you know Steve Jobs. The man that changed several industries, while shocking everybody with his vision and innovation. But, do you know about his early life?

Steve, was an unwanted child. His mother faced the decision between an abortion or give him in adoption. He dropped out of college. Then started a travel to find his inner self, only to come back home empty handed.

But something in his mind was different, and he always  pushed forward. When he saw the Apple I , built by Steve Wozniak, he took the chance and he jumped on the opportunity.

Apple II was another success, when, the first Mac flopped, he was fired from his own company. Most people would have surrendered by now, but he decided to carry on. He founded NEXT, that laid the foundations for OSX as we know it today. He was also one of the board members of PIXAR, the company that changed animation forever.

He then came back to a fatally wounded Apple... and he brought it back to life. He started a revolution in every area with the iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac. His products became icons of this generation. And having an Apple product was a symbol of status.

Steve Jobs had all the odds against him. But his mind was wired for success. And he never settled for less.

Rewire your mind for success

You need to start changing the way you think about yourself. Otherwise, you will  be in a loop where you are always about to reach your life goals, only to fail again and again. And with every failure, you will become more and more frustrated. Then you will start to settle for whatever you might have at the moment.

Take your dreams and write them. Start making plans and pursuing them. But never forget that you also need to work on your mind. In the same way, you go to the gym for training your body.  You need to train your brain. You have to rewire your mind for success. Your mind is your best ally.

When you rewire your mind for success, it's like get supercharged. Your engines start revving up and nothing will stop you.

Did you know that you can achieve success in just 91 days ? I did it.. and so you can. When your mind is working at your side, great things can be accomplished.

So give it a try... start changing your thoughts and get ready for a new dimension of success!

What do you think? Do you identify with this topic? Leave me your comments. I want to learn how are you shaping in your mind in your path to becoming outstanding women!

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Kisses and see you next time!

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