Self-Image and how it impacts your success

Are you familiar with the concept of self-image? having a correct self-image is the objective of the process of rewiring your mind that we discussed last time.

Have you ever experienced a feeling where you want to be a successful person? And as you start thinking about it, you get frustrated. Your mind goes at a higher speed and you cannot keep it up.

Then, it happens. Something snaps and you go back to where you started. Have you ever felt like that? Been there... done that.

What if I tell you there is a something you need to start tweaking to overcome that plateau. Are you interested? Keep reading.

Self-Image... what is that?

We call self-image to the mental picture that we have about ourselves. This concept is highly resistant to change. Does this ring any bells?

One might be fooled into believing that self-image is only limited to certain details. Like height, weight or aptitudes. But the concept of self-image goes way beyond .

Self-image also includes elements that the person might have learned about himself. Including personal experiences (positive or negative). Another factor that shapes self-image is the internalisation of judgment by others.

Do you want to quickly check your self-image? ask yourself this simple question: What do you believe people think about you? .

What is the answer to the question?

Usually, poor self-image comes from the result of accumulated criticism or negative experiences. Usually experienced during early stages of life. From there, the situation can only get worse. Individuals who can not change this concept can develop social disorders.

But it is not always related to that. Perfectionist and high achievers tend to suffer a poor self-image. They set their goals and objectives so high that they live in constant "sense of failure".

Beauty is another factor. One of the key books in the area of self-image is called Psycho-cybernetics . This book was written by Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon. He found that people needed more than a scalpel to recover self-image.  It is considered one of the cornerstones in this area. It all came from a lack of beauty in people's self-image.

You need to change your self-image

Now you face two different options. You can keep your negative self-image, and keep yourself stuck in this rut forever. Or you can decide to change who you are and how and why you are like that.

One of my dearest friends is Joselyn Quintero . Her story is the recipe for a poor self-image. Leaving in a poor slum in Caracas, one of the most violent cities in the world. She is the last daughter of a divorced couple.

But guess what, she never stood still lamenting herself. She took the decision of moving forwards, thinking properly on who she really was. She is now a successful life coach who helps others achieve their full life potential. From a country with an extremely poor economy, now she teaches others about wealth .

And like her, there are many others. Take me for example. I also faced some difficult choices (you can read more about them in the book From Fed up to fabulous ). But when you align your self-image to the right direction, great things will start to happen.

Or you can also take the example of Evan Klassen , this boy struggled through many adversities like war, poverty and being an immigrant in the United States just to name a few. Only to become  a very successful entrepreneur. Watch him tell his story on this interview I did.

It's time to take action

Are you ready to start changing the way you think about yourself? Remember that you are what you think of you.  So take action, make changes. Start watching yourself in a new mirror. A mirror that can truly reflect the best parts of you.

You are not alone. My favourite motto is " Together is better ". I am a firm believer that together we can achieve whatever we want. Because of that, I am here to give you my helping hand. Drop me a line. we will discuss the must effective way to help you become the successful person you always wanted to be.

We can make a big change in just 91 days... try it !

That is all, for now  my lovely readers. I wish you a happy weekend, and don't forget that success is meant to be shared with others.

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